Kid's Skillet Menu               

Grilled Chicken Strips(Plain or BBQ)...$7.25
Kid's Burger...$7.95
Kid's Hot Dog...$6.95
Grilled Cheese...$5.95
All Kid's Meals come with fresh cut fries and raisins!

Grilled Salmon Salad
Grilled Salmon over local mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, dried apricots, basil pesto, and goat cheese with house made poppy seed dressing...$11.95
Local Steak Salad
Hillstone Farms' Steak served over local greens with cherry tomatoes, red onions, and croutons with a balsamic vinaigrette and blue cheese crumbles...$10.95
Salchipapa Salad
Crispy hot dog medallions, local lettuce, red onions, and tomatoes over fries and finished with a horseradish dijon mustard and 1000 island dressing...$8.95
Grilled Chicken Salad
Grilled chicken breast served over local lettuce, cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries, feta cheese and sunflower seeds with raspberry vinaigrette...$8.95
Southwest Salad
Choice of chicken or pork on local greens with roasted corn, cherry tomatoes, green onion, fresh cilantro, and cheese with southwestern ranch dressing...$8.95
Garden Salad
Local greens with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, red onion, cheddar cheese,croutons, and choice of dressing...$7.95        Add Bacon or Grilled Chicken +$2

R E D   S K I L L E T

Burgers and Sandwiches                 

Local Pastured Beef Burger
Hillstone Farm's grass fed beef, char-grilled and served on a brioche or artisan white bun...$7.95
Toppings: Ketchup, Mustard, Pickles, Lettuce $.25, Tomato $.45, Raw Onion $.25, American Cheese $.50, Mayonnaise $.25

More Toppings: Bacon, Blue Cheese, Sriracha Butter Sauce, Sautéed Onions, Fried Egg +$1/each
The Red Skillet Sandwich
Tender pulled pork tossed in our sweet and savory BBQ sauce, topped with our creamy coleslaw on a brioche bun...$7.45                    Add Bacon...+$1
Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad Sandwich
All white meat chicken salad with dried cranberries, roasted almonds, fresh apples, celery and local lettuce on our lightly grilled focaccia...$7.25
Garden Veggie Burger
Topped with fresh mozzerella, lettuce, tomato, and basil pesto mayonnaise on a brioche bun...$7.95
Gourmet Grilled Cheese
Local "Heavenly Havarti" from God's Country Creamery melted with tomato and sweet basil pesto on grilled focaccia...$6.75
Crisp bacon, local lettuce, ripe tomato, with a basil pesto mayonnaise on our rich grilled focaccia...$6.95
Portabella Sandwich
Char-grilled portabella cap with tomato, basil pesto, fresh mozzarella and finished with balsamic glaze on toasted focaccia...$7.95   
The Skillet Dog
Local HIllstone Farms hot dog wrapped in bacon on a toasted bun and topped with pulled pork, creamy coleslaw, & BBQ sauce...$6.95

Gluten-Free Bread Available for Any Sandwich...$1

Delivery   or   Call-Ahead:  570.787.4545 or 570.787.5454

Fresh cut fried potatoes...$2.75
Poutine (It's Canadian)
Our hand cut fries smothered with savory brown gravy and creamy cheese curds...$5.45
Fresh Coleslaw
Creamy traditional cabbage salad...$2.45
Broccoli Salad
Tender broccoli with red onion, bacon, cheddar cheese, and sunflower seeds tossed in a light creamy dressing...$2.75

Lunch Menu


Red Skillet Lemon Bars
A homemade summer time treat!...$2.25

Smoothies Strawberry Banana, Peanut Butter Banana, Carrot, Orange, and Ginger, and Beet Root and Berry
Peanut Butter Iced Brownie Bites4 pack...$3.50
Large Variety of pastries available!!!